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Rachel Vig

I gained vast knowledge that changed my design practice from the immersion into each unique society’s approach to health and wellbeing. Having worked in South Korea, Qatar, US, UK and Kuwait, I grew as a designer. I embodied the societies, cultures, and values of each region. Upon encountering WELL during a lecture at Arab Health, Dubai in 2018, I was struck by its resonance of ethos within my own professional philosophy. This alignment propelled me towards a compelling desire to participate actively in the influential movement of WELL, aiming to transform our built environment into a catalyst for human prosperity.
Sada Learn was conceived from my profound dedication to convey and educate the principles of WELL AP in an effective and engaging manner. My vision is to empower others with this knowledge WELL AP exam prep material enabling them to play an instrumental role in sculpting future environments. The goal is to foster settings that positively contribute to the wellbeing and health of our societal fabric, thereby creating a satisfaction that transcends individual achievements.
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"Interior Design alone cannot change us and our society, but we can provide an environment and a foundation that fosters and encourages human behaviour that can."

- Rachel Vig

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